DreamDome Latest Design for Backyard Cabin or Tourist Cabin Kits

We have added another design to our range of modular domes with the introduction of a 1.8m wide sliding door in our 5.0m diameter design. At just under 20m2, the internal bathroom and kitchen layout are still the same. Although our standard configuration lets plenty of light inside, the option of a wide glass sliding door makes it even more appealing especially if you have a view to take into consideration.

We continue to design for the backyard cabin, studio and granny flat market in Australia. States that have removed some of the retrograde restrictive laws on how you can use granny flats have made a huge contribution to affordable housing. Millions of back yards could receive a secondary dwelling and if councils allow secondary dwellings to be rented it not only provides the property owner with great cash flow it also provides an affordable rental to someone who likely works nearby.

Demand for Affordable Housing Needs Innovative Solutions

Queensland and Victoria are dragging the retro chain. Their belligerence in modernizing the rules is just another hurdle in the way of affordable housing. The secondary dwelling market is booming and likely to continue for some time until the existing chronic shortages are delivered. If you live in either of those states, why not get onto your politicians and demand they wise up and employ a little vision and innovative thinking.

Why Consider a DreamDome for Your Project?

DreamDome is designed for efficiency in every way. It saves time and money, eliminates waste, incorporates the greenest possible material system. It arrives on site as a kit completely finished. There is no painting or additional work to be done except the connection of services. Public response is exciting and we seek distributors for our modular range of dome structures in Australia and overseas. Australia is experiencing a crisis in affordable housing. We also face a crisis in preparing for the effects of climate change. DreamDome addresses both. There is no other building system that comes close

DreamDome is purpose designed from the ground up to address climate change extremes and be the most efficient and value for money home building system focusing on compact housing. Unmatched modular connectivity makes it easy to add to later and it is also relocatable.

Availability for the DreamDome Range

You will start to see them very soon. We have enough pre orders to justify the start of manufacturing and we are currently seeking a few more founding distributors in Australia. If you love the concept, have some business savvy and realize what an amazing, ground floor opportunity it is – get in touch asap.