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DreamDome Innovation – Modular Living Systems for the 21st Century

DreamDome uses aerospace composites to build the most versatile and high-performing system of housing. It is an optimized, prefabricated lightweight, composite modular building system incorporating the inherent properties of the dome shape!

Back yard tiny house

It’s the feeling inside a dome that everybody loves. The dome shape resonates in harmony with human beings. We want to make a difference in the world by providing a versatile, cost effective modular housing system that enables people to survive and thrive in any environment. The materials we use in DreamDome reflect a balance between optimum comfort, strength, durability, and sustainability into an innovative modular design. The core insulation material in our panels is 100% recyclable.

From the city to the great outdoors, DreamDomes will comfortably withstand extreme forces and can be installed anywhere with ease. They are also easily demountable and relocatable.

Design options include the location of windows and doors, thickness of insulation and up to a category 5 cyclone rating. We can even design for underground homes. Finished in hard wearing GEL coat makes for easy cleaning with minimal maintenance.

We proudly believe we have a building system offering unparalleled modular versatility and performance

Great Opportunity for 10 Founding Distributors – for Exclusive Territories

We are offering a very exciting and low entry cost business opportunity in an ultra high growth sector, desperate for innovation.

Backyard Studio & Storm Shelter under 10m2


DreamDome Performance

  • Cyclone C1 or Category 5 Cyclone design
  • Termite and insect proof
  • Flood damage proof
  • Earthquake resistant, Impact resistant, fire resistant
  • Hard wearing GEL-coat finishes
  • No off-gassing of materials
  • Insulated 35mm to 65mm thick recyclable PET foam core
  • Insulated flooring system
  • 20 Year Warranty

DreamDome Features

  • Kit includes pre-finished, prefabricated panel segments
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminum casement, awning, or louver windows
  • Includes skylight
  • Select your colours
  • Choose insulation level
  • Electrical conduits are ready for wiring
  • Easy to clean – no mold
  • Relocatable

Concepts – 3 x DreamDome 3.5’s linked to form a 30m2 relocatable tiny house

Compact small house design
Beautiful DreamDome 3.5 by the pool
Multiple dome modular home
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