Prefabricated Modular Versatile Kit Homes Purpose Designed for Climate Change Extremes

DreamDome combines the most efficient shaped structure with the most efficient composite materials to produce housing that is Category 5 hurricane and cyclone capable, earthquake resistant, flood damage proof and more.

DreamDome is at the beginning of it’s journey to make its housing system available firstly in Australia and then to the world. We are preparing to launch a crowd funding together with great pre-sales discounts. Make sure to subscribe so we can stay in touch. We are planning a display in all Australian States

In addition to all round comfort, safety and performance

DreamDomes are delivered as kits and they are very simple to assemble. They could be a single dome for a backyard studio, office, garden room, sleep out or meeting room or shelter and larger size domes come with bathroom and kitchen options, just great for guest cabin, granny flat, tiny house or tourist park accommodation. Connecting two or more domes together opens a new world of design options for multi-dome kit homes. New modules can be connected to any other at any time.

Some Great Things About DreamDome

Beautiful light open airy dome space, cool in summer, warm in winter, feeling safe under any conditions. The feeling inside the dome space is always a delight, it resonates a stillness, something self contained something very comfortable, it’s a very natural shape. Ventilated skylight opens a view to the stars, and windows cross-ventilate across the room

DreamDome is designed to be fast efficient and effective. We want state of the art materials and design that is delivered totally finished, that has zero on-site building waste. Panel parts are an optimised size for packaging, transport and handling. Assembling the parts is easy and fast.

The Versatile DreamDome Range of Kit Home Modules is Ideal for Compact Housing of all Kinds

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3.0m (7.0m²)

 DreamDome3.0m Profile

3.5m (9.6m²)

  DreamDome 3.5 Tiny House

5.0m (19.6m²)

 DreamDome 5.0m Tiny House

6.0m (28.0m²)

DreamDome 6.0m diameter floor plan

6.5m (33.0m²)

DreamDome 6.5m diameter floor plan

Safety from the Storm

Back yard tiny house

DreamDome is an advanced prefabricated modular housing system

  • We dream of making a difference by providing a cost-effective modular housing system that enables people to survive and thrive in any environment.
  • Hemispherical dome design resonates in harmony with human beings inducing a feeling of comfort and security.
  • The materials we use are selected for strength, durability, and long term sustainability
  • Finished in hard wearing GEL coat makes for easy cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • DreamDomes withstand extreme forces and can be installed anywhere – zero on site building waste
  • Easy and fast to install –  de-mountable and relocatable.
  • Choose the location of windows, doors, and colour of finished surfaces
  • Bathroom and kitchen options for single domes
  • For fast compact housing, tourist accommodations, granny flats, homes, shelters and more


DreamDome Performance

The DreamDome is purpose designed for safe secure housing

  • Up to Category 5 Cyclone, hurricane or higher
  • Earthquake resistant, Impact resistant
  • Includes cyclone rated concrete-less min pile foundation system
  • Flood damage proof
  • Termite and insect proof
  • Hard wearing GEL-coat finishes
  • No off-gassing of materials
  • Insulated panels
  • Insulated flooring system
  • 20 Year Structural Warranty

DreamDome Features

Cyclone, hurricane and earthquake housing

  • Comfortable secure living spaces
  • Delivered as a Kit of prefinished panel segments
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Choose aluminum casement, awning, or louver windows & skylight
  • Select your colours
  • Choose insulation level
  • Electrical conduits are ready for wiring
  • Easy to clean – no mold
  • Relocatable

Concepts – 3 x DreamDome 3.5’s linked to form a 30m2 relocatable tiny house

Beautiful DreamDome 3.5 by the pool
Compact small house design
Multiple dome modular home