Cyclone Hurricane Rated House Kits

For Disaster and Conflict Reconstruction Housing Capable of Global Warming Extremes The only complete housing system designed for survival in comfort is now available. The need for housing systems that will last through climate change extreme events and conditions has never been higher. A global affordable housing crisis is worsening by the day and these two factors combined demand a fresh look at the options available.  The DreamDome modular kit building system is designed to address both issues.   "DreamDome is purpose designed to withstand extreme forces." Says Chris Brown. "Sixteen years ago I had a vision of communities, towns and villages of dome houses. The reason they are dome houses is that the dome shape is the most inherently efficient shaped structure and when combined with ultra-strong, lightweight composite materials in a sandwich panel system produces affordable housing that you will feel safe and comfortable under the most extreme conditions. While most people believe the likelihood of needing a strong, storm safe home is remote - I say not. The chances of an extreme event in highly populated areas are increasing by the day. Recent global events [...]

Backyard Studios and Cabins Contribute to Affordable Housing

DreamDome Latest Design for Backyard Cabin or Tourist Cabin Kits We have added another design to our range of modular domes with the introduction of a 1.8m wide sliding door in our 5.0m diameter design. At just under 20m2, the internal bathroom and kitchen layout are still the same. Although our standard configuration lets plenty of light inside, the option of a wide glass sliding door makes it even more appealing especially if you have a view to take into consideration. We continue to design for the backyard cabin, studio and granny flat market in Australia. States that have removed some of the retrograde restrictive laws on how you can use granny flats have made a huge contribution to affordable housing. Millions of back yards could receive a secondary dwelling and if councils allow secondary dwellings to be rented it not only provides the property owner with great cash flow it also provides an affordable rental to someone who likely works nearby. Demand for Affordable Housing Needs Innovative Solutions Queensland and Victoria are dragging the retro chain. Their belligerence in modernizing the rules is just another [...]

Prefabricated Modular Backyard Studio or Office Kit

It's the Ultimate Backyard Studio or Office Kit Unique acoustics, pure sound and a stillness you can feel. Elegant design in a prefabricated modular form. Panel segments made of lightweight aerospace composite materials simply bolt together to create a light spacious room with special qualities of a dome. DreamDome 3.5m diameter dome (9.6m2) is the first module to be produced. Delivered as a completely finished kit that is easy to assemble and is also relocatable. Well insulated, cyclone rated, easy to clean and maintain. It combines the inherent strength of the dome shape with lightweight sandwich composite materials. Available initially with two beautiful arched powder coated aluminum windows and screens. Strong, safe comfortable they deliver incredible versatility,  easy assembly, low maintenance and general indestructibility. Green Lifecycle assessed PET thermoplastic, insulating, structural foam core is recyclable or recycled material. Strong, safe comfortable and designed to a minimum of Australian, Cyclone Category 1, they are earthquake resistant, fire resistant, water damage proof, termite proof and much more. A ventilated skylight at the apex of the dome ensures a low volume air circulation to keep things fresh. (no mold) How [...]

The Future of Australian Housing in 2017

The Future of Housing in Australia Demands Vision and Innovation The Future of housing in Australia needs VISION beyond the status quo and understanding of emerging needs and trends, the real economic environment for many of us and particularly what is coming down the track in the form of climate extremes. In many respects the housing industry in Australia is precarious for economic, sustainability, affordability and climate change. Record global temperatures are everywhere, one hundred year flood levels have recently been exceeded across the country and Category 5 Cyclone rating does not meet the reality and will be superseded by Category 6 Cyclone rating. 9 Most Important Housing Issues in Australia - Screaming for Attention Planning Laws - Community and Village Design - The need for MUCH greater flexibility in our planning laws to allow more innovation in land development models - example - Tiny House Estates Affordability - In addition to the above we need to look at innovations to alleviate the affordability issue. The economic system we have accepted has and continues to foster a subtle form of economic slavery by unrestrained encouragement [...]

A Transformation of Housing and Shelter

Why Dome? by Chris Brown Christchurch, New Zealand in the year 2000 I was fortunate enough to visit several multiple dome homes built all through the 1980's. I became fascinated with the feeling inside the dome homes I visited. There was something special about the energy, normal furniture worked and pictures hung on the walls but the thing that got me the most was a profoundly nurturing feeling. As a builder and designer, I recognized the inherent qualities and efficiencies that gave the dome shape a head start compared to every other structural shape. I have always been fascinated with curved geometry and structures. And thus I embarked on a journey to develop the ultimate dome building system that will withstand the extreme forces of nature that I foresaw coming. It's apparent to me that many of the types of homes we live in and that we are still building will not be adequate for the extremes that are already showing up around the world. Housing is in a crisis and basic human needs and survival is already the biggest issue facing millions of people every day. [...]

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