A Transformation of Housing and Shelter

Why Dome? by Chris Brown Christchurch, New Zealand in the year 2000 I was fortunate enough to visit several multiple dome homes built all through the 1980's. I became fascinated with the feeling inside the dome homes I visited. There was something special about the energy, normal furniture worked and pictures hung on the walls but the thing that got me the most was a profoundly nurturing feeling. As a builder and designer, I recognized the inherent qualities and efficiencies that gave the dome shape a head start compared to every other structural shape. I have always been fascinated with curved geometry and structures. And thus I embarked on a journey to develop the ultimate dome building system that will withstand the extreme forces of nature that I foresaw coming. It's apparent to me that many of the types of homes we live in and that we are still building will not be adequate for the extremes that are already showing up around the world. Housing is in a crisis and basic human needs and survival is already the biggest issue facing millions of people every day. [...]