Cyclone Hurricane Rated House Kits

For Disaster and Conflict Reconstruction Housing Capable of Global Warming Extremes The only complete housing system designed for survival in comfort is now available. The need for housing systems that will last through climate change extreme events and conditions has never been higher. A global affordable housing crisis is worsening by the day and these two factors combined demand a fresh look at the options available.  The DreamDome modular kit building system is designed to address both issues.   "DreamDome is purpose designed to withstand extreme forces." Says Chris Brown. "Sixteen years ago I had a vision of communities, towns and villages of dome houses. The reason they are dome houses is that the dome shape is the most inherently efficient shaped structure and when combined with ultra-strong, lightweight composite materials in a sandwich panel system produces affordable housing that you will feel safe and comfortable under the most extreme conditions. While most people believe the likelihood of needing a strong, storm safe home is remote - I say not. The chances of an extreme event in highly populated areas are increasing by the day. Recent global events [...]