The Future of Australian Housing in 2017

The Future of Housing in Australia Demands Vision and Innovation The Future of housing in Australia needs VISION beyond the status quo and understanding of emerging needs and trends, the real economic environment for many of us and particularly what is coming down the track in the form of climate extremes. In many respects the housing industry in Australia is precarious for economic, sustainability, affordability and climate change. Record global temperatures are everywhere, one hundred year flood levels have recently been exceeded across the country and Category 5 Cyclone rating does not meet the reality and will be superseded by Category 6 Cyclone rating. 9 Most Important Housing Issues in Australia - Screaming for Attention Planning Laws - Community and Village Design - The need for MUCH greater flexibility in our planning laws to allow more innovation in land development models - example - Tiny House Estates Affordability - In addition to the above we need to look at innovations to alleviate the affordability issue. The economic system we have accepted has and continues to foster a subtle form of economic slavery by unrestrained encouragement [...]