DreamDome Develops First Aerospace Composite Homes

Unique acoustics, pure sound and a stillness you can feel. Elegant design in a prefabricated modular form. Panel segments made of lightweight aerospace composite materials simply bolt together to create a light spacious room with special qualities of a dome.

DreamDome 3.5m diameter dome (9.6m2) is the first module to be produced. Delivered as a completely finished kit that is easy to assemble and is also relocatable. Well insulated, cyclone rated, easy to clean and maintain. It combines the inherent strength of the dome shape with lightweight sandwich composite materials.

Available initially with two beautiful arched powder coated aluminum louver windows and screens. Strong, safe comfortable they deliver incredible versatility, speed of assembly, low maintenance and general indestructibility.

Green Lifecycle assessed PET thermoplastic, insulating, structural foam core is recyclable or recycled material.

Strong, safe comfortable and designed to a minimum of Australian, Cyclone Category 1, they are earthquake resistant, fire resistant, water damage proof, termite proof and much more. A ventilated skylight at the apex of the dome ensures a low volume air circulation to keep things fresh. (no mold)

How Would You Use a DreamDome 3.5

At just under 10 square meters it can be installed in your backyard without development approval under the Planning rules “exempt development provisions”. The 3.5 is spacious enough to make a great studio, office, cabin, meditation, massage or anything else space, you can imagine.

The whole range of DreamDome sizes are completely modular and they can all connect together. Plan your ultimate home and start with what you can afford and add more later.