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DreamDome Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does sound behave in a dome?

A: Sound waves behave in a very different way inside a dome. Sound travels in waves (literally). Low-frequency sounds are a large waveforms measuring meters from peak to peak. High-frequency sounds are small waves – only a short distance from peak to peak. In a dome, these sound waves are reflected from the dome surface back to the center of the diameter line. Unlike a square or rectangular room, there is no immediate phase cancellation or standing wave action so there is significantly less distortion of the sound. In fact, the purest sound can be heard when you put you head at the diameter center point because there is no distortion. It sounds like 360-degree surround sound. An empty dome may sound like a large hall until it furnished when the resonance is reduced. A dome makes an ideal recording studio because of the ability to record many different sounds within the dome depending on where the microphone is located.

Q: What is so special about the dome shape?

A: There is a unique energy emanating the inside of a domed space that every dome dweller will tell you is like a magic that they never want to leave.The feeling inside a dome is different. People don’t always realize it but when they walk into a dome space they immediately feel comfortable. It just feels good

Q: Do any of the materials off-gas?

A: No. When the dome parts are new they may have a residual odor of resin from the factory. This will only last for a short time after which the odor dissipates and there is never any off-gassing from the materials

Q: Exactly what are the materials made of?

A: DreamDome relies on the action of the sandwich panel which multiplies its strength. The panel comprises a recyclable PET (closed cell) foam core. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic that drink bottles are made from which is part of the structural design and also acts as the insulation. The hard structural skins of the panels are made from fiberglass, basalt fiber or carbon fiber depending on the strength and performance required. The fiber materials are set in a resin bonded together in layers with the outside layer being of GEL coat. GEL coat is an extremely hard wearing colour-cote system that is both UV and chemical resistant.

Q: Do DreamDomes have to be built on a concrete slab?

A: The DreamDome can be built on any floor platform, however, all our Kits include a prefabricated FRP ring beam and sub floor system which is easy to bolt together and assemble. The kit comes with an engineered slab and footing design suitable for medium soil types.

What is the best floor and foundation system?

We are very enthusiastic about an incredibly time-saving and exceptionally strong foundation system that does NOT require any concrete called Surefoot. Surefoot saves time and cost and enables the installation of foundations in only minutes. We are currently working to develop the various specifications for our needs.

Q: What does FRP stand for?

A: FRP stands for “Fiber Reinforced Plastics” and refers o a wide range of resin based composites used for fabricating many high-performance structures and vehicles like airplanes.

Q: Is it possible to get finance on a DreamDome?

A: We are working on setting up a finance solution for people who don’t want to mortgage their property. It will be similar to a car or boat finance

Q: How much maintenance is involved with a DreamDome?

A: The inside and outside of the panels are finished in GEL coat material which is an extremely hard wearing kind of paint. It is much 5tougher than ordinary paint. The external coating is particularly UV resistant and also resistant to most chemicals. The external GEL coat will last 20 years before any significant maintenance when it may only need a polish or wax. The inside GEL coat is similar, making it very easy to clean

Q: How is the DreamDome not damaged by water?

A: All the materials used to fabricate the DreamDome can be immersed in water without any negative effect because they simply don’t absorb water

Q: How does ventilation work in a DreamDome?

A: In general, every DreamDome comes with a permanently ventilated skylight which does two things. It brings in more light and you get to see the stars and the moon at night. It is also a very important aspect of the dome ventilation system. Being a low volume permanently ventilated unit, it allows hot and moist air to ventilate through the highest part of the dome. This feature ensures there is no build up of stagnant air to cause mold or condensation and no it does not effect the internal comfort of the dome through hot or cold climates.

Q: How effective is the insulation of the domes?

A: PET foam is a ‘closed cell” foam making it one of the most efficient insulation materials. because there is no possible passage of air between the cells it actually, practically is much more efficient than fiberglass bats for example. the R values stated for each thickness foam will perform significantly better than traditional bats.

Q: Can you install the DreamDome yourself?

A: Certainly! We have designed the system to make it really easy to assemble a DreamDome. The larger dome will be easier when a light crane is engaged to lift the panels into place. a hoist on a truck is sufficient in most cases.

Q: Can you fix into the walls, hang pictures for example?

A: Yes you can fix to the walls but we caution against doing this on the outside unless specifically within our guidelines to ensure weatherproofing integrity. Internally you can drill holes and screw-fix into the panels.  The holes made can also just be filled with a touch of resin GEL coat over the top. The dome panels all have a thickened beam running up the sides which are ideal for fixing other structural elements or internal partitions.

Q: How do the panel segments connect?

A: We have developed a unique method of connecting the panels using a concealed mechanical connection and clamping system. You only need one tool that inserts in a small hole at each lock location to tighten and lock the connection. The edge faces of each panel are sealed by a double neoprene rubber seal to ensure a double water and dust seal. All parts of the prefabricated dome either bolt or fix together using marine grade stainless steel connections so there is never anything that will rust.

How do your install power points and lights?

The panels of a DreamDome have preinstalled conduit for power points and lighting ready for your electrician to wire up

Do you have a relevant question that is not answered here, please let us know and we will post an answer?


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