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Unparalleled Opportunity for 10 Founding DreamDome Distributors

Backyard Studio & Storm Shelter under 10m2

Startup ground floor opportunity – No upfront license fee – Exclusive territories

The Secondary Dwelling market, backyard studios, granny flats and AirBnB type traveler accommodation market is booming and likely to continue for some time.


We are ready to commence manufacturing our brand new product, the DreamDome 3.5. Our Game Changing housing technology is designed for extremes of climate change and offers a highly versatile modular option of housing the 21st Century.

We are seeking 10 privileged founding distributors with the following requirements:

  • You already operate a successful small business
  • You are already involved in or have a strong interest in the housing sector
  • You are a licensed builder (or are capable of partnering with a licensed builder to provide services)
  • Committed to building a new business in an exciting growth market
  • Possess or have access to an appropriate site for a permanent display
  • Passionate about customer service

Price of Entry – Purchase, Install and Market a DreamDome 3.5 Backyard Studio

  • No upfront license fee – only purchase a DreamDome 3.5m diameter dome, install it in a location where it will become a permanent display from which you will market the product – $24,970 (inc. GST) plus shipping and cost of installation
  • For well under $30K you will have exclusive rights to market the DreamDome 3.5 and the entire range of DreamDome products in your designated territory
  • Only your first purchase will be at full retail. All orders placed thereafter will be at wholesale price
  • Larger DreamDomes are planned to start production around last quarter of 2017
  • Ten to twelve founders will enjoy a significant entry price advantage and the benefit of being established for the next phase

Services provided by distributors will include:

  • Maintain a DreamDome display available to the public
  • Coordinate with our marketing strategy
  • Customer relations
  • Client liaison
  • Site inspections
  • Help with council plans and permits (where necessary) – you will need to become familiar with planning laws relevant to backyard studios and granny flats
  • Installation of foundations and assembly of kits (billed by the distributor)
  • Generate a reputation for excellent customer service

What we offer:

  • Exclusive territories
  • Australia wide marketing through our website – your business listed as a distributor/dealer on our website
  • Local marketing and promotion – we begin with a media event at the installation of your initial DreamDome. We will work with you to maximize the opportunity to launch in your area
  • Training – when your DreamDome is delivered we will be there to train your crew in its assembly
  • We also provide training videos for you and customers who wish to DIY the installation
  • Great support – we are freely available to help you with any issue or inquiry regarding our product
  • Design service –  we provide any level of drafting, architectural or structural design services
  • All DreamDomes come with an engineer certified (minimum W41 rated) drawing suitable for council if required
  • Enjoy above industry standard margins
  • The DreamDome 3.5 is just the first size of the range to commence production

Some Background Into DreamDome

DreamDome is a technology and building system whose time has arrived. Chris Brown, founder and inventor of DreamDome has been a designer/builder in Australia and New Zealand for more than 37 years including 7 years as the commercial partner and joint chief investigator in respect of two Australian Research Council funded development projects at Brisbane’s QUT. These projects involved the development of composite material systems and sandwich composites for the construction of compound curved structures such as dome structures. Chris’ experience is grounded in his work with DomeShells cement based shell structures.

We are launching with only 10 – 12 distributors to establish our brand and product into the Australian marketplace and prepare to scale up for the production of the larger size domes. We plan significant media PR to gain maximum media exposure for the distributors to ensure a successful start.

The DreamDome 3.5 qualifies in several States under planning rules “exempt development provisions” meaning it can be installed in a backyard without needing a DA. In NSW “exempt development” includes structures up to 20m2.  This provides the widest number of options for users and installations such as backyard studio office, extra room or even the first dome of a multi-dome home or granny flat. Exempt development is not necessarily possible in all States and Territories.

Here is a Little Market Intelligence

Ground Floor! It is not very often that an opportunity to establish a new business in a highly developed futuristic technology come along

If you can see the opportunity here and have the capability and capacity, then dont wait another minute. Get in touch. Give us a call to have an initial chat or complete the form below.




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