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About DreamDome


Based on dome-shaped structures, deliver purpose designed, climate change modular housing systems as a solution to the need for housing that will sustain under extreme climate events, utilising smart material and building technologies integrated with sustainable energy systems, waste treatment, and food production.


Utilise advanced composites combined with dome architecture to deliver an affordable, efficient, strong and safe housing system for human protection and comfort under the most extreme conditions. Modular, prefabricated, lightweight, versatile, fast to assemble, delivered it Kit form utilising cutting-edge composite materials technology combined with dome-shaped structures in the form of prefabricated, pre-finished, modular easy to assemble components that lock together forming strong, safe comfortable living spaces environments under all extreme conditions.

DreamDome strives to provide the most efficient form of housing that by design will save lives, is attractive, affordable and comfortable, The DreamDome in a class of its own achieving high performance across a range extreme operating conditions.

CEO, Chris Brown:

Licensed builder, building designer, project manager with experience in housing, commercial, industrial and civil projects

7 years joint chief investigator in two Australian Research Council, research and development projects with QUT Brisbane based on ‘glass fiber reinforced concrete’ (CRC) composites and cement based sandwich panel systems.

“My contribution to the world is my passion to develop the DreamDome system as a solution to a global housing crisis and particularly a need for stronger, safer, more efficient form of construction – houses capable of withstanding extreme climate events.

I am excited about what the future holds for the DreamDome because the more I look, the more applications it is ideally suited for – it is the right technology at the right place at the right time.

Climate change is bringing increased ferocity of the elements and mass migrations of people and wars have recently contributed to millions of refugees looking for a place to call home. Cities and suburbs are bursting at the seams.

Every person on our planet deserves a secure place to call home.”

Chris is co-founder and CEO of DomeShells Australia Pty Ltd.

A Tiny International Team of Co-Creation

The DreamDome team are made up of truly international talent from around the world. Chris Brown CEO is Based in Byron Bay, Australia. Our partner structural engineers are based in Brisbane, our architectural designers are based in Australia and Mexico, our manufacturing partners in China with marketing input from Philippines and Australia. We are a team that works around the clock, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from wherever we happen to be.


The DreamDome System is “One of a Kind”

DreamDome brings Aerospace down to earth

We are at the beginning of an incredible journey. We hope to stay at the front of innovative 21st-century building and living systems. To be part of the wave of longing to return to simple, caring community. To be a leading provider of comfortable and practical housing solutions and to integrate with, energy, water and waste management for human habitation on planet earth.


The DreamDome business model is based on a global supply chain through a global distribution network.

At 25 September 2017 DreamDome is poised ready to commence production for the Australian market on competition of our equity funding program.

Expressions of Interest

We welcome expressions of interest from anyone interested to participate in partnering in the distribution of the DreamDome range. Please make contact directly by phone: 02 66805500 or through our contact page

We hope you enjoy reading through our website and that you also feel the sense of excitement that we do for what lies ahead.

Three, 3.5m Dome Micro Home (about 30m2)

Multi DreamDome Concept 

Multi DreamDome home
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